Alexis Pepper

  • Illustrator, 2D Digital Artist
  • Sydney, Australia.

Alexis Pepper is a freelance 2D storyboard artist and Illustrator- creating personal illustrative works and shows under the name Pep.

Her debut solo show was held in both Melbourne and Sydney, January 2019.

A couple of months following that, Pep had a three month residency at Batch Brewing Co (Marrickville)

Her latest 2019 group show "Ideal Spaces" will be held at DOWN/UNDER Gallery alongside Bianca Wilson, Miranda Clout, and Rebecca Trajkovski.

Pep exhibited at "Fempocalypse" - Waywards Brewery, Sydney 2017. It featured limited edition prints and new artworks, including live-art that was auctioned off with proceeds going to the Women In Hospitality charity.


3D Animation for Film & TV at Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Sydney, Australia

Masterclass at Pixar Story Animation

2013 Sydney, Australia

With Andrew Gordon & Matthew Luhn from Pixar Animation

Masterclass at Storyboarding for Animation

2014 Sydney, Australia

With Glenn Harmon from Dreamworks Animations


Samsung TVC (Entropico), Arnotts TVC (Prodigious), Oportos TVC (Prodigious), Sydney Fringe Festival (Live art), Entropico, Pedestrian TV, Pedal Mafia, Coffee Alchemy, Sydney Bike Messenger Association, Sydney Bike Polo, CommBOX, Wasted Years (Qbar), Beers, Bands, Banter (The Bald Faced Stag), Three Wise Monkeys, GiRLTHING